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Top 10 Raised Access Floor Manufacturer You Should Know

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Raised Access Floor Introduction

A raised access floor serves a key purpose in many environments, including offices and data centers. These flooring solutions provide an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate, often a concrete slab, to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. The selection of the right provider can significantly impact the quality and functionality of the raised floor system. Here, we take a look at ten noteworthy providers that are renowned for their high-quality products and services.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Manufacturer

When selecting a manufacturer for your raised access flooring system, it is crucial to take into account a variety of factors in order to ensure that you are making the right choice. First and foremost, it is important to carefully evaluate the quality and durability of the materials used in the manufacturing process. This can help to ensure that your raised access flooring system will be capable of withstanding the wear and tear of regular use, as well as any environmental factors that may come into play.

In addition to assessing the quality of the materials used, it is also important to consider the adaptability of the design. A good manufacturer will be able to produce a raised access flooring system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your space, ensuring that you are able to maximize the functionality of your flooring system and make the most of the available space.

Beyond these factors, it is also important to consider the manufacturer's expertise and reputation in the market. A manufacturer with a proven track record of success and a solid reputation within the industry is more likely to deliver high-quality results, and can offer valuable insight and guidance throughout the process of selecting and installing your raised access flooring system. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and choose the right manufacturer for your needs.

The Top 10 Raised Access Floor Manufacturers

1. Tate Access Floor

Tate Access Floor is a leading manufacturer based in the United States, with a significant presence in Canada and Australia. The company's product line includes the Concore Access Floor, All Steel Access Floor, Composite Board Access Floor, and STONEWORKS Access Floor. It's recognized for its high reputation and is a preferred choice for designers and builders globally.


2. Haworth Access Floor

Haworth began as a furniture brand and has since expanded into the raised floor business. It operates two flooring brands: TecCrete Access Floor and Globali

fs Access Floor, both of which are integrated into commercial overhead floor and data center overhead floor systems.

3. ASM Access Floor

ASM is another reliable provider in the raised floor market. Its product line is well-regarded for its reliability and versatility, making it a popular choice for various applications.


4. Mero Raised Floor

Mero is a German manufacturer known for its calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor and wood-based anti-static raised floor. The brand enjoys substantial popularity in China and is gradually gaining global recognition for its superior quality.

5. Polygroup Raised Floor

Polygroup is a globally recognized brand in the raised floor industry. The company offers a wide range of solutions to suit different environments and requirements.

6. CBI Raised Floor

CBI provides high-quality raised access floors, known for their durability and functionality. Their products are widely used in various settings, including office buildings and data centers.

7. ASP Raised Floor

This Australian brand holds a significant market share in its home country. ASP Raised Floor provides installation services worldwide and is acclaimed for its excellent reputation in the field of raised floors.

8. Dawn Modular Floor

Dawn Modular Floor is a respected raised access floor manufacturer in China, known for its high market share in the country's raised floor market. The company has been expanding its operations to foreign markets since 1999.


9. Lindner Raised Floor

Lindner is a German manufacturer known for producing high-quality building materials. They offer a range of durable and versatile products, including their popular calcium sulfate anti-static raised floor and a wood-based alternative. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a leading name in the industry.

10. Unitile India

Unitile is a leading raised floor production company in India with a 25-year history. The company's products are being recognized internationally, and its offerings include office overhead raised floor products and data center raised floor products.

Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Your Needs

When selecting a raised access floor manufacturer, there are several factors to consider. In addition to the manufacturer's reputation, product quality, industry experience, and support services, it is important to also take into account their sustainability practices and their ability to customize products to meet your specific needs. You may also want to research the manufacturer's partnerships with other industry players and their contributions to research and development in the field. Finally, don't forget to examine their company culture and values, as they can be indicative of the level of care and dedication they put into their work, and ultimately, the satisfaction of their customers.


Choosing the right raised access floor manufacturer is crucial in ensuring a high-quality, functional, and durable raised floor system. These ten providers are renowned for their exceptional products and services, making them top choices for anyone seeking raised access floor solutions. Consider your specific requirements, budget, and the reputation of the provider when making your selection.



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