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Dawn Modular Floor has assembled a comprehensive array of floor finishes, some of which have been selected purely for their exceptional durability and beauty.

For many years, Dawn Modular Floor has been providing specialized and high quality flooring products to architects, designers, contractors, distributors and installers. Dawn Modular Floor offers a flooring finish to satisfy every aesthetic requirement.

Dawn is offering HPL(High Pressure Laminate), PVC Finish, Rubber, Timber, Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Terrazzo, LVT and Carpet to our worldwide clients.


High pressure plastic laminate is used in 90% of all computer room applications, and is the largest product used on factory laminated floor finishes.
Laminate is a one piece tile (600x600mm,24” x 24”), and unlike vinyl, will provide a uniform finish with no joints. HPL has the advantage of not requiring wax or maintenance that could produce static problems in the data center.
   Properties NEMA Test Method NEMA Standard Dawn Laminate Results
   Electrical Resistance NFPA 99 - 1.0x106- 2.0x1010
   Stain Resistance 3.4 No Effect No Effect
   Boiling Water Resistance 3.5 No Effect No Effect
   High Temperature Resistance 3.6 Slight Effect No Effect
   Wear Resistance 3.13 3000 cycles/min. 3000+
   Scuff Resistance 3.16 No Effect No Effect


The use of PVC conductive or static dissipative floor covering checks the influence of electrostatic charges in the sensitive work places. The effects of electrostatic influence are very serious, andmany of the incidents include damage to integrated circuits in semiconductor production and lossof valuable data from malfunction of computer equipment caused directly by a buildup of staticelectricity.

There are also some cases of inadvertent ignition of inflammable and explosive substances causedby static discharge.

When two objects with electrostatic charge come into contact or friction, electron movement occurs with electricfication to positive and negative poles which are stationary at the pints of mutualcontact, a direct action against these pints will cause instantaneous electric discharge, the resultbeing damage to products, pollution or malfunction. Because of this, both UL and NFPA strongly recommend the use of conductive floor coverings.
   Performance Conductive Static Dissipative
   Resistance: point to ground 2.5x104  to 106Ω 106 to 108 Ω
   Resistance: point to point 2.5x104 to 10to 106Ω  
   Static decay 5000 to 0 volts in < 0.01 sec. 5000 to 0 volts in < 0.2 sec.


Porcelain tiles are highly versatile in home design. They serve as resilient flooring in high-traffic areas, and durable. Their resistance to moisture and staining makes them ideal for office patios. Additionally, porcelain tiles add aesthetic appeal to fireplace surrounds.They're also perfect for commercial spaces, providing a balance of function and aesthetics. In addition, porcelain tiles can add a luxurious touch to fireplace surrounds, adding warmth and elegance.


Carpet tiles are widely utilized in office environments due to their numerous benefits. Their sound-absorbing qualities contribute to a quieter, more productive workspace. The tiles' modular nature allows for customization, enabling companies to match their branding or create unique designs. They also provide comfort underfoot, reducing fatigue in employees who stand or walk frequently. Importantly, maintenance is convenient, as individual tiles can be replaced if stained or damaged. Lastly, carpet tiles offer added insulation, helping maintain energy efficiency in office buildings.
   Specification Details     Specification Details
   Structure Type Tufted loop pile structure     Backing Eco-friendly PE backing
   Surface Fiber 100% Nylon (including antistatic fiber)     Flame Retardance B1
   Dyeing Method Solution dyeing     Rubbing Color Fastness Level 4-5
   Machine Gauge 1/12     Sunlight Color Fastness Level 5-6
   Pile Height 4±0.5mm     Antibacterial Properties Antibacterial, Anti-mite, Inhibits Bacteria, Mold, Fungi
   Size 50cm×50cm / 60cmx60cm     Environmental Compliance U.S. CRI+ Advanced Environmental Certification
   Primary Backing Polyester spunbond non-woven fabric     Antistatic Performance Index Permanent Antistatic
   Surface Stain-Resistant Treatment    


Raised access floors laminated with a timber finish blend functionality and aesthetics to create sophisticated spaces. Ideal for offices and commercial buildings, they provide a concealed area for electrical wiring, data cables, and HVAC systems. The timber finish adds a warm, natural element to the environment. This flooring option is not only practical, offering easy access for maintenance and upgrades, but it also creates a stylish, inviting atmosphere. The high-end appeal of timber makes these floors perfect for luxury retail spaces or executive boardrooms.


Raised access floors laminated with anti-static rubber tiles are highly suitable for environments where electrostatic discharge can cause damage, such as data centers and laboratories. These floors provide a hidden area for routing cables and HVAC systems while ensuring a safe workspace by reducing static electricity. The rubber tiles add durability and slip-resistance, providing a safe surface for employees to walk on. This flooring option not only ensures safety and convenience for maintenance but also enhances the longevity and efficiency of sensitive electronic equipment.
   Test Average Results
   Length & Width Size Deviation ±0.1%
   Diagonal Corners Squareness Deviation ≥ 0.008”(0.20 mm)
   Hardness Shore "A" Durometer > 85
   Tensile-Strength > 1450 psi (10 Mpa)
   Bending Resistance (3/4" metal rod) No Effect
   Peeling Strength ≥ 5620 lbf/ln (25 kN/mm)
   Wear Resistance (mm/5N) Roller Type ≤ 150
   Thermal Stability (dimensional change) ≤ ±0.4%
   Fire Resistance Yes
   Resistance to Cigarette Burns Third Degree
   Resistance to Chemicals (carbon black ink) No Visible Change
   Electrical Properties Volume Resistance ≥ 1010Q
   Light Resistance Third Degree
   Brittleness Temperature ≤ 5° F(-15° C)
   Indentation Residual level ≤ 0.010"(0.25 mm)


Raised access floors laminated with Wood Grain High Pressure Laminate combine practical utility with a pleasing aesthetic. Perfect for corporate offices, libraries, or luxury retail spaces, they offer an underfloor area for organized cable management and HVAC systems. The wood grain laminate gives a sophisticated, natural appearance and is highly resistant to wear, heat, and stains. This flooring choice is not only functional, providing simplified access for maintenance and system upgrades, but also helps create a welcoming, high-end atmosphere with the appealing look of wood.


Raised access floors laminated with natural marble tiles fuse functionality with high-end luxury. They're ideal for opulent spaces like hotel lobbies, high-end retail stores, or corporate boardrooms, offering an organized conduit for cables and HVAC systems below. The natural marble tile surface provides a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic and a durable finish resistant to wear. This flooring solution not only promotes ease of access for maintenance and system upgrades but also delivers an exquisite, polished look that elevates the overall ambiance of any interior space.


Raised access floors laminated with natural granite tiles provide a durable and elegant solution, perfect for high-traffic areas like corporate lobbies, luxury retail spaces, and upscale restaurants. These floors offer a concealed space for organized cabling and HVAC systems, promoting easy access for maintenance and upgrades. The natural granite tiles add a touch of opulence and sophistication to the environment, known for their durability, unique patterns, and easy maintenance. This flooring system not only ensures practicality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space with its luxurious finish.


Raised access floors laminated with terrazzo tiles combine functionality with a timeless aesthetic. They're perfect for spaces like art galleries, contemporary office spaces, or chic retail stores, offering a concealed underfloor area for organized cabling and HVAC systems. The terrazzo tiles deliver a unique, polished look, bringing a mix of natural elements and vibrant colors to the space. This flooring choice is not only practical, facilitating easy access for maintenance and system updates, but also creates an intriguing, stylish atmosphere through the artistic appeal of terrazzo.


There's a lot to consider when it comes to ordering access floor. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll help you determine which access floor options are best for your needs.




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