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Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring is a unique flooring solution designed to safely dissipate static electricity, making it particularly suited for technology-intensive environments such as data centers and server rooms. This type of flooring features a high-density composite woodcore, often encapsulated in a protective metal layer for added durability and stability. The anti-static properties come from a special surface finish, typically a high-pressure laminate or vinyl covering, that controls electrostatic discharge, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage. The raised design of the flooring allows for a convenient underfloor space for utilities like wiring, data cables, and HVAC systems. With its combination of strength, electrostatic control, and ease of maintenance, Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring provides a reliable and efficient solution for modern technological spaces.


   Panel Size Options 600x600x30mm, 600x600x40mm
   Covering Options HPL Finish, PVC Finish
   GI Steel Sheet Options 0.3mm , 0.4mm , 0.5mm,1.0mm,Aluminum foil
   Installation Options Gravity Lay with Stringer System
Panel Edge Construction Side View


System performance criteria are the most important to consider because they represent the performance in a typical installation. Panel only criteria such as concentrated load is often used to specify floor systems however, the test is not representative of an actual installation because it is performed with the panel testing blocks, not actual understructure.
  System Performance Criteria
System Type Static Loads Rolling Loads
   Panel Panel Size Concentrated
Safety Factor
Ultimated load 10 Passes 10,000 Passes
   PEW1000 600x600x30mm 454kg/1000lbs Pass 909kg/2000lbs 368kg
   PEW1250 600x600x40mm 568kg/1250lbs Pass 1136kg/2500lbs 454kg
*A tests are performed using CISCA's Recommend Test Procedures for Access Floors with the exception of Design Load
1. Design load is tested using CISCA Concentrated Load test method on actual understructure instead of steel blocks. Design load is determined by taking the lesser value of ultimate load divided by two or the point at which permanent damage begins to occur (yield point).
2. Safety factor is the multiple of Design load to the Ultimate Load. International standards and Dawn Modular Floor recommend' a minium of 2.



The finished access floor wil be rigid, free from vibration and rocking panels within a 3mm level over the entire space. Panels will be accurately cut to fit around all permanent features. All whole panels will be completely interchangeable allowing for any future changes. The access foor will maintain these origina conditions when sufficient panels have been removed for normal underfloor access.


● Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control: The primary benefit of Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring is its ability to control electrostatic discharge. It safely dissipates static electricity, protecting sensitive electronic equipment from potential damage.
● Strength and Stability: Made with a high-density woodcore, this flooring type offers excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing it to support heavy equipment and high foot traffic.
● Ease of Maintenance: The raised design of the flooring creates an accessible underfloor space for utilities such as cabling and HVAC systems. This design allows for easy maintenance and upgrades without disrupting the workspace.
● Durability: These floors are built to last. The woodcore is usually encapsulated in steel or another metal, offering a high degree of resistance to wear and tear.
● Aesthetics and Versatility: Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring can be finished with a variety of high-pressure laminates or vinyl coverings, providing a professional and clean aesthetic that fits with various room designs.
● Sound Damping: The composition of the flooring can contribute to a quieter environment by reducing sound transmission.
● Fire Resistance: Many Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Floors are treated to be fire-resistant, providing an added layer of safety.


There's a lot to consider when it comes to ordering access floor. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll help you determine which access floor options are best for your needs.




    Q What is Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring?

    A Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring is a specialized flooring system designed to dissipate static electricity. It is made of a wood core base that is encapsulated and topped with an anti-static layer, offering a safe environment for areas with sensitive electronic equipment like data centers, computer rooms, and clean rooms1. 
  • What are the benefits of using Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring?

    This flooring system helps to prevent static electricity build-up, which can cause damage to sensitive electronics. Its strong load-bearing capacity accommodates heavy equipment. The anti-static layer ensures a safe, static-free environment. Additionally, it offers excellent wear resistance and easy maintenance. 
  • What makes Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring unique?

    The uniqueness of this flooring system lies in its design and materials. It uses a wood core base which provides strength and durability, while the anti-static layer on top prevents static build-up. This combination makes it an ideal choice for settings with sensitive electronics. 
  • Where can Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring be used?

    It is ideal for use in environments that require a high level of static control such as data centers, computer rooms, clean rooms, satellite ground stations, radio control rooms, television transmitter control rooms, microwave communication stations, program-controlled exchange rooms, electronic instrument assembly workshops, and even in hospitals and schools. 
  • What is the loading capacity of Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring?

    This flooring type is known for its high load-bearing capacity, capable of supporting heavy equipment commonly found in data centers and computer rooms. It's important to check with the manufacturer for specific load ratings as they can vary based on the exact product and installation method. 
  • How is Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring installed?

    The flooring is installed using adjustable pedestals, creating a raised platform. This not only allows for efficient cable management and air distribution beneath the floor but also provides easy access to these areas for maintenance or modifications. 
  • How to maintain Anti Static Woodcore Raised Access Flooring?

    This type of flooring is known for its ease of maintenance. Regular cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents is typically sufficient. For any major maintenance or repairs, individual panels can be easily removed and replaced. Always follow the manufacturer's specific guidelines for care and maintenance. 


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